Entembeni Old People’s Home gets groceries boost

A LOCAL organisation has donated six months’ supply of groceries to Entembeni Old People’s home after Chronicle reported that the institution was facing challenges.

On May 25, Chronicle reported that the old people’s home had hit hard times resulting in the institution failing to provide food and critical medical supplies for elderly inmates suffering from the hypertension and diabetes.

Hope for a Child In Christ (HOCIC) director Ms Sunga Mzeche said the organisation had read of Entembeni’s challenges in Chronicle and decided to help.

“In May there was a newspaper article that was published on Entembeni that they needed food. We responded as an organisation and decided to extend our help as we were already implementing the urban food assistance and livelihoods programme since 2019,” said Ms Mzeche.

“For Entembeni there are about 60 inmates and the organisation is donating the following to the institution on a monthly basis for the next six months: 700kg mealie-meal, 97kg beans, 134kg soya chunks and 96 litres cooking oil. This includes rations for 17 staff members who will each receive 20kg mealie-meal; 1,5kg beans; 3kg chunks and 2 litres cooking oil on a monthly basis.”

She said the organisation had partnered with Latter Day Saints Charities (LDSC) in response to the Government’s call to provide food aid following challenges caused by drought.

Ms Mzeche said the same programme benefited the vulnerable in Queens Park West, Kingsdale, Njube and Entumbane suburbs as well as at St Peter’s, Robert Sinyoka and Mazwi villages. — @thamamoe

This story first appeared in The Chronicle. 12 August 2020

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