Farewell ‘Sibo’

Issued by Sunga Mzeche, HOCIC Zimbabwe Country Director

We bid farewell to Sibonisiwe Mpofu-Mugari, who is leaving HOCIC for greener pastures. Affectionately known as ‘Sibo’, she has diligently served HOCIC since 2007 from when she was still a young lady. Sibo is one of the pillars of HOCIC and has been with us through all the hard and best of times.

We will miss you Sibo


Personally, as the Director, I am sad to see you go Sibo as you had grown beyond just being a work colleague but family. At the same time, I am happy for you and excited at the opportunity you have, to grow beyond HOCIC.

We know that where you are going you will represent us well and continue to fly the HOCIC Flag high.

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