Food assistance for a Lobengula family whose house was burnt to ashes

Hope for a Child in Christ’s Urban Food Assistance and Livelihood program (UFAL) has responded to a fire disaster which left the Marava family in New Lobengula homeless after their house was burnt to ashes due to fire which emerged from a faulty ZESA power cable . On Wednesday UFAL donated 80 kg maize meal, 8 litres cooking oil, 14 kg soya chunks and 6 kg beans to the affected family as food aid to assist the family with food to eat during this tough time.

Food aid is an important donation in responding to emergency disasters since food is the basic human need. This is insync with the motive behind HOCIC’ s assistance to the Marava family which is to make sure that the family does not face hunger during this painful time.

In an interview, UFAL Project Officer Kudzai Mpofu highlighted that they have assisted the Marava family because they really needed to help the affected family with food as it is an important basic need which the family urgently needs.

“We know that the family needs support and assistance during this tough time that came unexpectedly, we gave out food aid so that atleast they have something to eat,” said Kudzai Mpofu.

The Marava house that was burnt allegedly by a faulty ZESA cable

The owner of the house, Mrs Marava explained to UFAL how the disaster occurred and thanked HOCIC a lot about the help they have brought in response to a fire disaster which occurred unexpectedly.

“God bless HOCIC, you have rescued us a lot, we did not have anything to eat, the disaster left us with completely nothing,” said Mrs Marava.

Mrs Marava receiving the food assistance basket

On the same day, the Latter-Day Saints Charities funded programme, UFAL, assisted a child headed family and malnourished under five children in Nkulumane and Cowdray Park respectively. They all got maize meal, sugar beans, soya chunks and sugar beans as a nutritional food assistance which is believed to assist and nutritiously make a difference in the lives of the children.

Food basket handover to the child headed family which is watched over by graceful neighbors

The food handed out to these families is very important and helpful as it is expected to cover a gap where the guardians of the malnourished under 5 children will make use of  the food they got from HOCIC to eat and try to buy nutritious foods like peanut butter and eggs with the little money they get from other assistants . The child headed and the Marava families are greatly relieved as HOCIC has made sure that even though life may seem hard they would not sleep on empty stomachs.

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