17 August 2020

Bubi isolation Centre in Matabeleland North received a donation from HOCIC through its programmes of Urban Food Assistance and Livelihoods (UFAL) and Protecting the Psycho-Social Wellbeing of Children during Covid-19 (PPWCC). The donation is meant to assist the facility in feeding patients at Inyathi District Hospital. The handover of the food baskets by HOCIC Zimbabwe was a prologue of the newly introduced Matabeleland North and South COVID-19 relief programme under the banner of “Protecting the Psycho-Social well-being of Children during Covid 19” (PPWCC).

Bubi Isolation Centre is housed within Inyathi District Hospital.

From left to right: Kudzai Mpofu (UFAL PO), Ntombikayise Nyathi, Pesistance Mkwena (SHGA PO)

“The donations seek to boost Inyathi District hospital in providing food for patients affected by Covid 19,”

said the delegation representative Pesistance Mkwena. The food donation was a raised concern by the Ministry of Health representative in Matabeleland North who lamented at the inception meeting with the PPWCC delegation that Bubi district was in crisis and urgently needed assistance.

UFAL is an urban food assistance programme funded by the Latter-Day Saints Charities, operating in Bulawayo’s four wards whilst PPSS is operating from the extended funding of Kindernothilfe Germany. HOCIC handed over 200 kgs of mealie-meal, 20 litres of cooking oil, 35 kgs of soya chunks and 15 kgs of beans to the Bubi Isolation Centre.

“We are very delighted as this food donated to us today will cover a big gap in the kitchen,”

said Mrs N. Dube who is responsible for the hospital’s kitchen department.

“We are so much in need of such regular visits. Detergents are a major request as they save a crucial role in the kitchen and also used for hand sanitization,”

said Mr Phiri who applauded HOCIC Zimbabwe for the great job. Post isolation problems of returnee mobility were said to be another pressing issue by stated by Police Officer Tshange.

“Transport is a major problem faced by the discharged patients as they are found roaming around Inyathi Police Station with no transport money to proceed to their different homes country wide,”

said  Police Officer Tshange. This depicts a huge problem experienced by the discharged patients. At the present moment there is no one at the Isolation center as nine patients recovered and were all discharged last week, new patients are expected anytime soon.

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