There is no gender specific role in our garden

Nonceba Moyo is a 33 year-old mother of 4 living in Maphisa Sihwaba village. She is a member of the Sibambene nutritional garden that is receiving assistance from HOCIC through the Latter Day Saints Charities.

I am a 33 year-old mother of four living in Sihwaba village. My husband left for South Africa three years back and I was left to take care of my family. Joining the Sibambene Self Help Group helped me regain an ounce of dignity because from the sales of tomatoes, chomolia and onion from my small garden, I have been able to fully support my family. Through a start-up capital lending from the group, I bought my seedlings and a watering bucket which I use to fetch water for my crops from borehole, 4 kilometres from where I stay.

Nonceba Moyo digging a hole for the fence pole

Sometimes we have to spend 2 hours in the queue just to fetch 20 litres of water. The help you have brought here eases my water woes. I will spend less time waiting for water and more time tending my crops. That is why you see me working so hard today. Our garden has no gender specific roles, as women and men, we put in equal effort to ensure a better livelihood.

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